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Helping you with untangling the link between creativity & technology, has a “mag” load of software tips and insights for people that love creating. If you are into web design, illustration, photography or music there’s currently something here for you.

Software Folder dot Design BUSINESS is the result of years of passively playing around with different website ideas (namely and filtering down to the most organically resonating topics. Meanwhile, learning about the more obscure and nuance sides of internet business and marketing from the ground up. So expect something slightly different…


The following are a 3 excerpts of the type of topics and tips you’ll find:

1. Keeping on top of your finances whilst on the move.

Besides the beautiful way in which all of your devices can connect and synchronise your data. And in turn provide a seamless experience whilst working on various projects and devices. Fortunately, you do not have to be online 100% of the time. 

Between using wifi connectivity and actual internet connection, your portable devices, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or laptop can become a significant component in your freelance and self employed business setup that enables you to maintain control of certain aspects of running your business, wherever you are on the Globe. 

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2. Do you still need physical music CDs and artwork packaging?

In the past, one of the many roadblocks for many independent musicians attempting to professionally put out their completed music for the first time, was the expenditure involved with the CD duplication of their music tracks, as well as producing the CD artwork and packaging. 

And with that came the compromise between going the full length and hiring a designer, or cutting corners?

Of course, if your music is undoubtedly of high quality and desirable to its audience, it may well speak for itself. However, in most cases alongside competition, it goes without saying that, a well presented music package adds value in a number of both practical and emotional ways that help make your work more memorable.

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3. Wireframe to Web App 

Starting with a wireframe, start planning how to start building a website application…

In the world of web design, the language can be very misleading, even for well seasoned designers. So don’t allow terms such as; wireframe, user-flow and framework confuse you with images of complicated diagrams, with signs and symbols that only someone with specialised “secret” training will understand.

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