For your inspiration: Learn The Background On How Project #okaylove Got Started

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FACEBOOK: A project.

Breaking Logo Design Usage Rules? Making a statement in an authentic #okaylove fashion prints shouldn’t be taken lightly...

These original designs are truly born from a unique source, learn how it all started...



Whilst it’s true, there are many very valid and necessary reasons for maintaining rules or guidelines. The idea of this post is to share with you, the contrary (sort of); The way in which the use of a simple logo can be stretched way beyond its typical or expected use… [ READ MORE ]


The Possibilities are Infinite... 

okay love logo sketch

With just a few basic principles or rules the love heart shape (ideograph) and the hand mark make up the okay love logo. However fort his exercise the logo may be used is its separate entities or components Whilst in some cases the elements will invariably ‘evolve’ slightly in shape,  as near as possible, the elements used in a design MUST resemble its origin. You can see some of the final design examples below.

 patterns and textiles